14 Oct 2015

Science Succumbs to Murdoch

On 18th September this blog featured an article entitled 'Write Your Own News'. The case for not trusting the media has just got a lot stronger.

I missed this news first time round, but I have discovered that The National Geographic Society has been bought by Rupert Murdoch's Fox media. See the Washington Post Article.

The National Geographic Society does incredibly important work on climate change -- from publishing groundbreaking stories to giving grants to scientists. But 73% of it is now owned by climate change denier, Rupert Murdoch. Fox Media has paid 725 million dollars for a deal which includes National Geographics' magazines, maps, books, TV channels and digital media platforms,

For 127 years The National Geographic was a respected nonprofit science magazine. Now, however, the new Fox-controlled company, National Geographic Partners, will be run for-profit, and it will answer to Murdoch’s shareholders -- via its board. Fox's CEO is Murdoch's son, James. Rupert Murdoch is well known for meddling with media content.

I have signed a petition to ask that a Public Editor is appointed to enforce editorial independence and represent the public, investigating complaints of editorial interference. Please sign this too.

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