16 Sep 2015

Verbal Attacks on Jeremy Corbyn

The last blog I wrote was entitled 'The Power of Words' and Jeremy Corbyn is definitely feeling the full force of a verbal attack from the right wing tories & their press and tory-lite Labour MPs as he is an anti-establishment figure.

Even before he has had the chance to do anything he is being lambasted from all sides.  Half way through his shadow cabinet appointments, he was slated for not giving women the top jobs although by the end of all the appointments there were 16 women in his shadow cabinet - a record.

The Tories have started saying that Corbyn represents a threat to this country:
our national security, our economic security and your family's security. They seem to think (unfortunately correctly) that by saying things like this enough times it will become 'the truth' and people will believe them.

For some reason I am on the Tory emailing list and I am being exhorted to donate to the Tory party now to help combat the threat that Corbyn poses - I can quickly donate £20, £50, £100 or another amount, presumably not so quickly. Why would donating to the Tory party help the UK?  Surely donating would just enrich Tory coffers so that they can afford more despicable advertising. In the email they attribute quotes to Corbyn and give references, but when you click on the screen it takes you to the Tory Party donation page so that it is not easy to check the context of the quotes to find out their real meaning.

Today in the press and elsewhere, Corbyn is being vilified for not singing the national anthem.  But he believes in the abolition of the monarchy and stands by what he believes.  He is not a fair weather politician like Cameron who changes position to keep in with whatever is flavour of the month. Corbyn was at the Battle of Britain Memorial Service to show his respect for all those who gave their lives for their country.

As a balance to the first image, here is a picture circulating on FaceBook:
Let us give Corbyn time before judging his leadership of the Labour Party.

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