4 Aug 2015

The Tories reveal their true intentions

Well, George Osborne has finally come out.  He is using the deficit as an excuse to down-size government and state services for the benefit of corporations and his investor friends. He can casually sell off 5.4% of our RBS shares after the stock market closes to investors losing the tax payer £1 billion which could have been used to help pay off the deficit.  When the stock market closed yesterday the RBS shares were worth £3.37.  They were sold after hours for a 7.6% discount rate of £3.00 each. Never mind that in February they could have been sold at £4.00 each.

Ian Gordon, a banking analyst at Investec, told the BBC's Today programme: "The taxpayer is being short-changed."

Making the headlines on the same day (4th August) in the Guardian 'NHS told to fill only essential vacancies due to 'almost unprecedented' finances'. Clearly not a high priority for this Government.

So Mr. Osborne is happy for the under 25s and many other benefit claimants to suffer and have to resort to food banks and even committing suicide, but does not want his friends to have to pay a bit more for shares in a bank.

The £1 billion just carelessly thrown away by Mr. Osborne could have reduced the £12 billion of cuts he intends to make.

The Green Party is against austerity and the priviatisation of essential services,

See the BBC and Guardian websites.

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