23 Jul 2015

Fracking U-Turn

In my blog of 1st July celebrating Lancashire's rejection of fracking, I did mention that we should look out for the Government finding ways to promote fracking however much against the will of the people.

Its latest attempt is to renege on its promise not to drill on Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks.

In January 2015 measures passed by MPs included a ban of fracking in sites of scientific interest and groundwater source protection zones, which analysts said could rule out 40 percent of the UK land offered by the government for shale gas exploration. But following amendments, Energy and Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd told MPs it would be impractical to guarantee a fracking ban in some rural areas.

Now the government is sneakily proposing that drilling can take place under these wildlife protection areas as long as the rig is outside. Remember, drilling can already take place under our houses without the house owners' permission. The government is also proposing that fracking can take place under water deposits from which our drinking water is extracted.

I have just signed the Greenpeace petition to Amber Rudd, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change asking her to keep the promise made in January. 

Having welcomed the new regulations in January, Green MP Caroline Lucas said ministers were “doing the dirty work of the fracking companies for them.”

See the Guardian Article.

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