10 May 2015

Election results!

Randwick Woods
Greens delighted with 1.2 million votes. While 1.5million votes went to the SNP votes who got 56 seats! The Tories won 36.9% of the vote on 66% turnout ie just 24% of the total electorate but have 51% of seats and 100% power.

With PR the Green Party would have had about 25 seats. Sign petition for voting reform here.

In Stroud we remain with 6 councillors having held the 5 seats contested. See full election results for Stroud District and Cotswolds at: http://stroud.greenparty.org.uk/news/2015/05/08/2015-05-08-election-results/

In the South West we had candidates in 54 out of 55 constituencies. 167,960 green votes were cast. A 6.1% share of the total votes in the SW. 29 deposits were saved. More detail is available on the SW website http://southwest.greenparty.org.uk/elections2015

This in itself was stunning progress from 2010 when we averaged 2.1% and saved no deposits. Our lowest share of the vote in any constituency this time was better than the average last time.

The following analysis and results are from Roger CO: Commiserations of course to Darren Hall and everyone who helped in Bristol West where we came second with a 26.8% share - the largest swing in British electoral history, an obscure fact to remember for future quizes. In Bristol West there were council elections in 7 of the 9 wards. Our total vote on Thursday in those 7 wards was 19,724 - more than the 17,227 we polled across all 9 wards for the General Election. Evidence that many people still thought that by switching to Labour for the General Election they were somehow "keeping the Tory out" when in fact the opinion polls were already putting us in a strong second place and the Tory fourth.

Congratulations also to Dominic Tristram in Bath, Tony Dyer in Bristol East and Gill Coombs in Totnes who got better than 10% share. In St.Ives Tim Andrewes suffered from a blizzard of leaflets from the LibDems urging people to vote against the Tory and vote LD "because only LDs can beat the Tory". We all experienced this to some extent but in West Cornwall it was particularly ridiculous as they must have thrown vast amounts of cash at having leaflets delivered by post in a desperate attempt to get at least one LD re-elected in the SW - their helpers on the ground were few and far between and in the end it was all wasted anyway as they lost the seat.

In local elections we had 579 candidates standing for 1252 council vacancies. Our results are gradually appearing on the SW website - use the Local Authority Map link to get detail for each district. The great news is that we have 13 new principal authority councillors. Congratulations to Barrie Woods in South Hams who joins Jacqui Hodgson and Robert Vint who were re-elected. Shane Collins, Stina Falle and Des Harris made a collective breakthrough in Frome onto Mendip District, where Jon Cousins missed winning by just 4 votes. Bath also had a breakthrough with Jonathon Carr and Liz Pattinson becoming our first Green councillors. Up in the Forest of Dean Chris McFarling became the Green District Councillor and all the other existing councillors in the SW were re-elected. Bristol delivered seven new councillors: Ani Stafford-Townsend, Jerome Thomas, Carla Denyer, Dani Glazzard, Anna McMullen, Stephen Clarke and Deb Joffe. They join the 5 sitting Green councillors who were not up for re-election and 1 re-elected making the Green group 13 strong. The makeup of the council is now 30 Lab, 15 Con, 13 Green, 10 LD and 2 Independent. Across Bristol as a whole we averaged a 24.5% share beating both Tories and LibDems. Bristol is our Green capital!

Region wide it is difficult to read much into the voting numbers for local elections as there is such a mix of 1, 2 and 3 member wards and massively variable numbers of candidates - a small number of ward were uncontested, and in several there was only a green and a Tory standing. We have however exceeded our regional strategic target with a total of 42 councillors in the region.

And see Molly Scott Cato MEP's letter to The Guardian on voting reform: http://stroud.greenparty.org.uk/news/2015/05/09/2015-05-09-molly-scott-cato-voting-reform/

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