13 Apr 2015

Green Party Manifesto for Stroud District Council 2015

Papercut by local artist James Milroy
Greens are different. We believe in equality, living in balance with nature and a better future based on the quality of community, friends and family rather than the quantity of stuff we buy and throw away. To achieve this, Greens are active at international, national and local levels. These elections give you a chance to strengthen Green change in Stroud District.

Green Councillors already have a proven track record as part of Stroud's ruling administration. In particular, we have worked to ensure green spaces are protected, and investment made to create and safeguard jobs in sustainable businesses. We’ve actively supported the building of energy-efficient council homes and increased recycling throughout the District.

In 2015, Greens pledge to work with others to:

1.     Make housing better and more affordable – we will build more high-quality energy-efficient council homes, cutting carbon emission and costs for tenants. We will support tenants unfairly penalised by the Bedroom Tax and other austerity measures. We will prioritise building affordable homes on brownfield sites, close to schools and shops.

2.      Protect our countryside – We will ensure our Local Plan contains strong clear policies to protect green spaces and wildlife around our homes, giving children and adults access to more open countryside. We know that a connection with green spaces improves physical and mental health and well-being – and saves taxpayers' money.

3.     Improve waste collection and recycling – developing a Council-owned company paying the living wage, we will collect and use food waste to generate renewable energy whilst increasing recycling. This will save money and reduce damage to the environment. We will continue to oppose the hugely expensive and grossly inefficient incinerator proposed by Gloucestershire County Council.

4.     Create a Carbon Neutral Council – Greens have established a commitment to make the Council carbon neutral by 2030.  We aim to meet this target by 2020. The next step is to install new energy-saving, energy-generating and money-saving schemes.

5.     Reduce flooding – Greens actively support innovative and cost-saving natural approaches to limit run-off and flood peaks in the upper Frome catchments, reducing downstream flooding of people’s homes. This is good science and good economics.

6.     Support our local economy and town centres – we will continue to support our local businesses and farmers' markets and oppose out-of-town supermarkets that suck the life out of our towns.

7.     Support Jobs and training – we will encourage jobs and businesses in renewable energy engineering, local food production and creative industries; making land available for small business growth through the planning system.

For more information about your local Green Party and our policies, visit www.stroud.greenparty.org.uk

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