1 Mar 2015

Sign petition in support of 20mph in Uplands

Just wanted to write a quick blog on 20 mph....there is a very vocal campaign against the recently introduced 20mph speed limit on Folly Lane, Stroud (e.g. see this week's Stroud Life letters page).  There is perhaps, to some extent, a misunderstanding when people argue it doesn't work....

Yes speeds in many cases have only been reduced a little but this is about changing the culture - we need 20 mph zones but also changes to the way roads are designed - all residential areas should be 20 mph - that is the speed that encourages more people to walk and cycle, that is far less likely to kill or seriously injure you if an accident occurs and creates more pleasant neighbourhoods. It is not surprising that many folk find driving at 20 mph hard - for so long we've seen 30 mph as the slow and 'correct' speed for residential areas - change will take time but is much, much needed. And certainly when knocking on doorsteps there is overwhelming support for lowering speeds. This 20 mph zone will help change our speed culture. It is great that Stroud has joined the many other Councils around the country who are saying yes to 20 mph zones.

A local resident writes: "Folly Lane is close to my house in Uplands, and I have to cross it regularly.  When the speed limit was 30, of course a lot of the cars were doing 40.  The 20mph speed limit is calming the traffic and reducing the risk of my daughter or any other child getting hurt or killed".

Here is an online petition in FAVOUR of the 20mph speed limit that was started by Peter Richardson, the Green Party's District Council candidate for Uplands: https://www.change.org/p/gloucestershire-county-council-keep-the-20mph-speed-limit-on-folly-lane-stroud

See more about arguments in favour of 20 mph at: http://ruscombegreen.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/20-why-we-need-it.html

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