26 Mar 2015

Earth Hour Saturday 28th 8.30 pm

'Be part of the world’s biggest movement to protect the planet! Here's some of the real and lasting impacts that Earth Hour has achieved across the world:
  • Earth Hour supporters in Australia have been helping to save the Great Barrier Reef from climate change, and to keep it safe from coal and gas ports
  • 15,500 people in Greece united against coal-fired power plant Ptolemaida
  • 18 fishermen in the Philippines that were affected by Typhoon Haiyan have been provided with climate-smart fibreglass boats
  • In Uganda, the first ever Earth Hour Forest was created - it holds an estimated 36,000 trees and covers 120 hectares
  • In India 15,000 schools have launched an education programme for children
And… in the UK, Earth Hour has inspired millions to take action with 85% of you saying you’ll do more to protect the planet!'

I expect I will be playing a board game in candlelight for the hour, while sipping a good red wine! What will you you be doing? Sign up here.

Earth Hour 28th Marh 8.30 pm

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