24 Feb 2015

Should you vote Green?

Do you think you might want to vote Green, but aren't sure how well your views align with the party's policies? If so, there are some useful online tools that could help you make a decision. The first, Vote for Policies, allows you to pick the areas of importance to you, such as Education, Health, or Environment, view a policy summary from all the main UK political parties for each, and select your favourite. Crucially, the party responsible for each policy is not displayed until you have made your choice, helping you to make an unbiased decision. Here are the results from the last election:

The second tool is the Political Compass, which presents a series of statements and asks how much you agree/disagree with them. It uses this information to assign you a position on a grid according to how right or left wing, and how authoritarian or libertarian your views are. This can then be compared with the political stances of the UK parties. Note that the Greens are the only party firmly inhabiting the left wing libertarian quadrant.

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