12 Feb 2015

Penny Burgess: Parliamentary Candidate for The Cotswold Constituency 2015

Penny is campaigning: 

  • FOR affordable housing in Cotswold
  • FOR renewable energy 
  • AGAINST fracking
  • FOR voting reform
On immigration and benefits, she says that many of the 'facts' bandied about by other parties are plain wrong: "The real issues we have in this country now are low wages and the high cost of essential items such as housing, utilities, transport and food. Immigrants and 'benefit scroungers' are taking the blame for this and it's simply not true. The austerity policies of this Coalition Government have caused and worsened these problems and they are trying to deflect the blame to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.  It’s dangerous and morally corrupt to do this."

To Green Party members, supporters and undecided voters, Penny says, "Please support me in trying to overcome the stranglehold the Conservatives have had on The Cotswolds for decades. A vote for the Green Party in our constituency is not a wasted vote, it's a vote that says, 'I don't want business as usual, I want something different. I want the country to be run for the Common Good, not for the benefit of the 1%.' "

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