13 Jan 2015

Two demo's to join this month


As noted in our last blog Eric Pickles granting planning permission for the Javelin Park Incinerator is perverse. As campaign group, GlosVAIN, said: "We, the local people, said "NO INCINERATOR". The council threw out the application...Now Eric Pickles in Whitehall has given us the incinerator anyway - 25 years of damage to our finances, environment and countryside - our health at risk. We will not take this lying down and we must continue the fight. It is now "make or break" time. SO, WE NEED YOU AT THE BIG DEMONSTRATION!"

Sat 17 Jan, 11am. Outside the Subscription Rooms, George Street, Stroud, GL5 1AE. The demo is being organised by Glosvain www.glosvain.info

WE MUST CALL ON THE COUNTY COUNCIL TO TERMINATE THE INCINERATOR CONTRACT. Come to the DEMO on 17th Jan. Bring a banner, bring family and friends, bring your voice. This is "make or break" now...


 After the 2015 general election, MPs will vote to make a final decision on replacing the Trident - the UK's Cold War nuclear weapons system. We have to send a clear message to MPs: Trident must be scrapped, not replaced. On Saturday 24th January we will be encircling government and parliament buildings with a peace scarf knitted by thousands of people. See films from the scarf day here. Join us for a mass protest against government plans to spend

£100 billion replacing Trident! Let's meet people's real needs. Cut Trident - not jobs, health or education. If enough people are interested John Marjoram is planning to organise a coach from Stroud. Please contact him by Thursday 15th.  jmgreenstroud(at)googlemail.com or 01453-750962.

For more information on the London Demo: http://www.cnduk.org/get-involved/events/item/2034-wrap-up-trident-mass-demo-in-london

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