9 Dec 2014

A new kind of 'ward surgery'! Cllr Jonathan Edmunds leads Nordic Walking

Green Party District Councillor for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe, Jonathan Edmunds (pictured), has found a novel way to engage with his constituents in his ward. Rather than running the usual sedentary surgeries, he has decided to run ‘activity days’, to meet local people, have informal fun and conversation  and gauge their ideas and thoughts on local issues that matter to them.
The inaugural activity day was a Nordic walk in Randwick woods, where participants learnt the techniques of this Scandinavian pastime,  that is growing in popularity in this country, before embarking on a walk into the hills to learn the skills that they had been taught by Ian Davies from local physical activity provider ‘Follow My Lead’. Nordic walking uses poles and adds two major benefits to regular walking, in that the upper body muscles are used and you burn twice as many calories, yet the support given by the poles make it feel easier.
Jonathan, is planning more activity days in the New Year, in the parishes of Randwick and Whiteshill and Ruscombe for residents of all ages, including more walks, bike rides, archery and forest schools days. If you are interested please contact Jonathan at JonathanEdmunds15@gmail.com.
Jonathan commented: “I was so pleased with the turn out for the first walk with over 20 people attending, including adults and children and even ‘Merlin’ the dog. I want to break down the barriers that stop people trusting politicians and show that we are there to truly help them. What better way that embarking on an activity together to bring the community together and have that good old fashioned fun at the same time!”

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