1 Nov 2014

Jonathan Edmund's update to Randwick Runner

Jonathan elected May 2014
Here's Jonathan Edmunds letter to the local newsletter in Randwick in response to a request for information with details of Nordic Walks starting soon!
Many thanks to Julia Currie for providing me an opportunity to update you on my 4 ½ months as a District Councillor. I have indeed been attending both Parish Councils when the District timetable of meetings permits. I have enjoyed attending both Parish Councils meetings on a monthly basis to report back on District Council news and will be looking to support them as an active partner as time progresses. Indeed, it is great to be part of such a vibrant community and people who are committed to trying to make our local area better.
It has been an exciting and challenging time since being elected on May 22nd; meeting new people, learning how Stroud District operates, undertaking induction and training opportunities and most importantly beginning to work with fellow councillors of all political persuasions to actually take things forward and make a difference. The most rewarding aspect of the job is helping local people and I have already met a number of residents to deal with issues such as fallen trees, bedroom tax, rights of way issues and a number of planning applications.
At the District Council I am sitting on the Community Services and Licensing Committee. This committee covers numerous aspects from Licensing to the Cultural and Public Services such as the Museum in the Park, Subscription Rooms, Health and Sports Development and Dursley Pool and Sports Centre. We have recently approved the continuing funding of the Youth Work Strategy for the next 3 years and reviewing the draft Housing Strategy 2014-2019.
In September I was among 600 people who attended Gloucestershire Climate Action Network march in Stroud to coincide with other marches around the world and to put pressure on world leaders meeting at the UN in New York ahead of the climate conference in Paris next year. You can see my predecessor’s, Philip Booth’s fill of the march at: http://stroudcommunity.tv/climate-2014/. If you want to help out and put pressure on our politicians and business please contact GlosCAN at committee@gloscan.org.ukor go to www.gloscan.org.uk.
Supporting the local community, I feel is integral to my role. In September my family and I attended and took an active part in Randwick’s 50th Horticultural and Village Show and am Planning on attending the Pumpkin Trail on Saturday 1st November and the WW1 Commemorative Concert in Whiteshill on November 8th (go to www.wrpc.org.uk for more info). In September I attended the Tour of Britain in Stroud and am keen to develop an all embracing cycle strategy for the District, through work in my committee.
In September I attended Stroud District Council’s Development Control Committee meetings in September to voice my concern at the three supermarket applications on the outskirts of Stroud. I highlighted that to allow any of the three applications could possibly have a further detrimental effect on local retailers, the Farmers market and local producers. The impact of the existing out of town supermarkets on Stroud is clear to see, with over 23 empty shops and the others only viable because of the positive draw of the ‘farmers market’. Did you know that for every £1 spent in a local shop, 50p goes back into the community, but for every £1 spent in a supermarket, only 5p goes back into the local community (Local Works 2014). The Development Control Committee have now deferred a decision until March 2015, as any decision could have prejudiced against any future application for the Market Tavern premises in Town. Please get in contact with me to let me know your thoughts, whether you are for or against more supermarkets?
In forthcoming months I will be looking to develop my communication channels with a newsletter being delivered to you early next month and I will be sharing some thoughts on the ruscombegreen.blogspot.co.uk and via Twitter. From November I will be partnering with ‘Follow My Lead’(www.follow-my-lead.org.uk), who provide activities for all ages to offer a number of Activity Days for all age groups and levels of fitness and ability. These will alternate between Randwick and Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish and will include activities such as Nordic walks, bike rides, ultimate Frisbee, archery and forest school days.
The first of these sessions will be a Nordic Walk from Randwick Village Hall on Sunday, November 16th, meeting at 11.30am. If you are interested in attending please get in contact, so I can give you more details. These sessions will firstly be fun, but also provide an opportunity for you to raise questions and ideas to me! In the meantime please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any concerns, issues or need any support.
Kind regards,
Cllr. Jonathan Edmunds, Stroud District Councillor
t. 01452 396659  email: cllr.jonathan.edmunds@stroud.gov.uk

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