3 Oct 2014

Keeping it out of landfill

Landfill is one of the worst solutions to waste. Burying resources in the ground, impacting on landscapes, releasing methane over long time frames and wasting valuable resources... Without a doubt, the worst thing in all of this is when perfectly usable items end up in landfill. If something is valuable, then it’s worth the effort to sell through local papers or ebay, but it’s the low-value items that it can be more tempting to throw away.

How can we avoid this?

If you have furniture to get rid of, Dursley Lyons have a weekly sale, raising money for good causes...The Furniture Sales  normally take place at the Lions Store in May Lane, Dursley GL11 4JH, 08.30-11.30  every Saturday. If you have items to donate for a Furniture sale ring 01453 544471.
Charity shops are an obvious solution to disposing of still usable things, and are always glad of donations, so anything more portable can simply be dropped off with them. You get all the warm fuzzy feelings of helping a good cause, plus the feel-good of keeping items in use.

Stroud District has a Freegle -  A great place to give away unwanted things. Freegle is especially good if you have trouble moving things around – people simply come to you and take away the stuff you didn’t want, so for bulky items, this can be especially good. Get involved with freegle and you might pick up a few handy things you wanted, as well.

Last on today’s list, but by no means least, we have a jumble sale tomorrow (Saturday) 2-3.30 at the Maypole Hall in Stroud.

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