14 Sep 2014

Transition re-skilling

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Learning for a
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Many traditional skills have been lost at a time of increasing dependency on food and goods from around the world.

Yet in an era of decreasing oil supply and the need to reduce energy use to prevent dangerous climate change, the need for thrift and the revival of traditional skills is becoming increasingly important.

Transition Stroud promotes actions that reduce Stroud district’s contribution to climate change.


SkillsGain focuses on those self-reliance skills we will need tomorrow and offers taster workshops in these skills today.

Workshops usually last 2 hours are delivered by skilled volunteers and are open to all residents of Stroud District.

We usually ask for a contribution (£5 or 4 Stroud pounds) to cover venue hire. There may be additional costs for any materials used in workshops.

Through the SkillsGain taster programme it is hoped many people will go on to gain new skills. The skills we need are not just related to practical skills of growing or making things – but also the personal skills we need to maintain our own resilience.  SkillsGain workshops will offer both. So come along to a SkillsGain Workshop – aimed at re-skilling the community for our changing world.


Programme of Workshops
September to November

SkillsGain focuses on those self-reliance skills we will need tomorrow and offers taster courses in these skills today

Transition Stroud is a volunteer led organisation addressing climate change issues. We work for a future based on local food, sustainable energy, local economies and an enlivened sense of community well-being


How (and why) to build your own Wind Turbine
Wednesday 1st October
Time: 7.30 to 9. 30 pm; Venue: Nailsworth
Tutor: Pete Nelson
Cost: £5
We will be carving wooden wind turbine blades based on Hugh Piggott's intermediate technology wind turbine designs.  These can be built anywhere in the world, as they use tools and materials that are readily available.

The workshop will also involve a discussion about 'participatory renewables', or 'what role can you play in the renewable energy revolution?' Pete believes that a renewable energy revolution can only progress if there is greater participation.  Do come and participate

If you'd like to read the designs before the workshop, they're available at Hugh Piggott's website: www.scoraigwind.co.uk

If there is enough interest after this short workshop we could organise a longer course building a complete wind turbine from scratch

Pete is a philosophy graduate who segued into engineering, working for a number of years with Hugh Piggott's wind turbine designs and more recently installing mainstream renewables on domestic and industrial sites.
To book:  e mail:
erik.w@virgin.net  or ring 07725 900666

Active Hope Day
 Sunday 19th October
 Time: 11 am to 4 pm; Venue: Stroud
Tutor:  Fiona Ellis
Cost: Sliding scale: £20 to £10;   

Faced with challenges of climate change, an unstable political world and the tension of living within an increasingly stressed world, it's good to have space to reflect and explore feelings about all this. Joanna Macy’s work over many years has shown this workshop process strengthens people in their choices and resolve about how they live their life or do their work.

Active hope is about the kind of hope you need to carry on, when you do not have certainty about how things will be in the future for you and the next generation.
An opportunity will be made available to discuss the interest in the group meeting regularly

Fiona trained with Joanna Macey in the 1990s and recently again with Chris Johnstone , co authors of “Active hope” and “Great turning time”, and in her professional work is a facilitator and training consultant working with groups for over 30 years. She has lived in Stroud for 20 years.

To book:  e mail:
erik.w@virgin.net  or ring 07725 900666

Seed Saving Workshop
 Wednesday 12th November
Time: 7.00 to 9. 00 pm ; Venue: Stroud
Tutor: Jane Brown
Cost: £5

 Save Seeds, Save costs and Save some favourite flowers and vegetables for the years ahead!  Learn simple seed saving methods and rules from garden and allotment which can be done in your own kitchen with no special equipment.  Plants growing in your soil will adapt to your conditions and their seeds will become more and more suited to your land over the years.

Jane Brown trained in horticulture and has grown flowers, fruit and vegetables all her life, converting to Organic methods over 20 years ago. 

To Book: email:
johnbrown@cooptel.net  or phone 01453 764853

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