15 Sep 2014

Thanks to everyone who has given a bike to Access Bike so far!

Last term 20 young people were given a reconditioned bike, helmet, lock and lights for £20, thanks to those donations, the work of Creative Sustainability Community Interest Company and partners Tarmac and Trail.
The project is focusing on young people who couldn't otherwise afford a bike and has worked with Archway and Marling Schools  to find young people who need one. This term Maidenhill and Thomas Keble will join in with the project and 20 more young people will benefit.
Owning a bike means that young people can join in cycling related social, sport and community activities, giving them more independence to get to school and after school activities, increased social and recreational confidence and helping towards participation in activities such as cycling clubs and competitions.
The project has also given work to young people and aims to train two young people to become cycle safety and maintenance trainers. Callum Partrtidge, 19 says "This is an amazing opportunity for a young person who wants to make a career out of cycling. It's hard to find the money to invest in the training, but once you've done it there's loads of work out there. "
Anna Bonallack, Director of Creative Sustainability says "There are lots of ways that companies and individuals can get involved in Access Bike. We are looking for a like minded company to sponsor a young person to become a professional trainer; we need expertise to help us develop a local cycling plan with schools to help their students cycle safely to school, and more good quality bikes to recondition.  Like all social enterprises we also need some help to market the project!"
If you have a bike you don't use or can help with marketing, sponsorship or the cycling plan get in touch. All bikes will be reconditioned by experts at Tarmac and Trail but the better nick they are in the more bikes they can get through. Call Anna on  01452 770177 or email anna@cscic.org  
Access Bike is an independent charity not affiliated to the Green Party, although we are proud to mention that Anna Bonallack has stood as a Green candidate in the past. We support them because we share their desire to support healthy and sustainable transport and to tackle the disenfranchisement of our young people by equipping them with real resources. We are glad to host news, press releases, events and announcements from any group, organisation, charity, or business that share our aims and beliefs. 

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