6 Sep 2014

From http://stroudclimateofchange.blogspot.co.uk/

Global Day of Action     -       21 Sept  2014

We will be part of a global day of action to highlight the need for international agreement on capping carbon emissions. There will be events in cities, towns and communities all over the world, and a People’s Climate March in New York, where heads of government are meeting at a climate summit.

We will also be promoting local initiatives to cut carbon emissions, and asking our local government to commit to 100% clean energy:


Children welcome   —   it is their future  !

Green and Blue

We will flag up the issue with a green/blue theme, to depict the planet
- with flags, banners and clothing  !

 - with designs to celebrate the interconnections
on the earth which sustain life.

We hope to have all these things:
Songs to celebrate the earth
Bring percussions, drums and bells
Bring a kite
Bring a picnic
Share information on how to convey the science of
climate change

But we need your input,

If we get together, we can make this happen:

Planning Meeting:
Tues 9 Sept 7—9 pm
at the Exchange, Brick Row, Stroud, GL5 1DF

Preparation Day:
Flag and banner making and singing practice
Sun, 14 Sept, 10 am—4 pm
At the Exchange, Brick Row, Stroud, GL5 1DF

Let your passion for the Earth come out,

 in whatever form that takes !

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