2 Aug 2014

The future of transport is Electric

(Taken from a press release and slightly amended to reflect being posted after the event, and Green involvement)

Penny Burgess and bike!
Gloucestershire's first electric cycle shop (E-cycle UK) opened it’s doors at 10 John Street Stroud on the 1st August 2014. It will be run by local cycle entrepreneur Jacob Kirby who also owns Tarmac and Trail in Stonehouse.

The shop will stock a wide range of electric bikes from utility bikes for getting to work on time to high spec touring machines and even full suspension  electric mountain bikes for adrenalin junkies  along  with a range of commuting cycling accessories.

Jacob said “ we have been selling an increasing number of electric bikes  from our shop in Stonehouse  but just didn’t have the space to display the whole range  to let customers see and try different makes and models to fit different budgets and requirements.”

He went on to add “ This is a great opportunity  to expand the business to meet an increasing demand for a cheap alternative to the car for short to medium journeys. We will of course be able to help customers reduce the purchase costs if they buy them through the national cycle to work scheme”   
Green Party Councillor and keen cyclist Simon Pickering said  “with increasing traffic congestion, the cost of insurance and rising fuel prices, more and more people are turning to cycling but around here the hills can be off putting.   I was a bit sceptical about electric bikes until I tried one, but  they are stunning, they are the future for local personal transport” 

Green Party member Penny Burgess who commutes around 20 miles a day  from Rodmarton  to work at Ecotricity in Stroud on an electric bike said  “my electric bike has changed my life, I can now commute  into Stroud without arriving hot or sweaty and  never get caught  in traffic jams on the edge of town. On the way home the electric bike just whizzes up the hill onto  Minchinhampton  common, it’s brilliant I would recommend them to anyone, whatever their fitness level. It also means we don’t need an extra car!”

Find out more about Penny Burgess's epic, fundraising cycle ride here - https://www.facebook.com/Pennydoesendtoend

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