22 Aug 2014

Support Spaniel in the Works

Can you support Stroud based theatre group Spaniel in the Works with a new project?

 John (Spaniel in the Works Theatre Company) has been working so hard on the Stroud Theatre Festival that he has had little time gain funding for this piece. The script (an homage to Robert Tressell's book the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists) is already written, but the kickstarter funds would be such a help. If the show can premier at Stroud Theatre Festival, 'Spaniel in the Works' will be well placed to take it on tour in the run up to the election. The Theatre Company feel there is a real place for some 'agit prop' theatre to explore the issues that face the working poor of today, 100 years on. The kickstarter video will explain it all.

Stroud District Green Party is giving this a shout out because we believe in community based arts, and are keen to support political debate and engagement. We are utterly appalled by the way in which Tory austerity policies have stigmatised the most vulnerable in our society, and we know that in-work poverty is widespread, and a lot of benefits money goes on supporting people who are not earning enough to live on. This is why we need a living wage, and a citizens income.

Anyone requiring further details should get in touch with John Bassett - John Bassett, Director – Spaniel in the Works Theatre Company, Tel: 01453 751823, Mob: 07941284878, www.spanielworks.co.uk


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