4 Aug 2014

New Stroud company set to help businesses and organisations cut bills

Ruscombe; one of Stroud's five valleys
Here's some info from the company's press release last week: Verdant Future, a new company launching on Thursday 24th July, is looking for businesses or non-Governmental organisations (NGOs) within Gloucestershire who’d like to reduce their energy bills and gain greener credentials with no financial outlay and minimal effort.  Stroud’s famous Winstones Ice-cream manufacturer has already signed up as Verdant Future’s first customer, seeing that this new approach to energy management will help Winstones lower its operational costs and please its ice-cream lovers by adding yet another green string to their bow.

Verdant Future employs an innovative approach to meeting energy needs which doesn’t compromise businesses’ current performance or reduce output, and is the first company to offer this particular method. Verdant Future uses the roof of a business’ building – somewhere not normally associated with earning income – to generate solar electricity which is sold to the building user and to the National Grid. A proportion of this income is put aside each month and once enough has accrued, it’s used to pay for measures that will make the building and its operations energy efficient. The result is that less energy is used so the customer enjoys permanently lower energy bills, plus reduced dependency on the major energy companies. Verdant Future supplies the solar technology, carries out the initial energy audit, and organises the required energy efficient measures at no cost to their customer.  All that is required on the customer’s part is ownership of the building(s) that’ll be made energy efficient.

Philip Booth, who stood down as a Green Party District councillor earlier this year and set up Transition Stroud's Eco-Homes weekends to increase understanding and use of energy efficiency and renewables, commented: "A recent survey by Vickers Energy Group suggests that British industry is wasting up to 76% of the energy it uses in buildings and in its operations. It is great to see a local company, Verdant Future, trying to tackle this issue - it is my experience that many businesses and organisations don’t realise how much energy they use or the simple ways it can be reduced. I wish Verdant Future all the best with their business."

Jeremy Hand, founding director of Verdant Future said: “A business or organisation doesn’t need to make complicated changes to its infrastructure in order to bring about major savings in its energy bills. We want to build long-term partnerships with our customers so that we can lead them gently by-the-hand and give them all the support they need to become energy efficient and benefit from constantly lower bills. The Carbon Trust is a national charity which has advised over 35,000 businesses on ways to use less energy and save money, and it’s confident that energy efficiency measures can lead to businesses using 15% less energy on average, and in their experience, reductions of 25% aren’t uncommon.” 

Colin Vear of Winstones Ice-cream commented “What Verdant Future is offering businesses makes so much sense to us both economically and environmentally that we’re really pleased to be their first customer and urge other companies to sign up. Through our attempts to make operations at Winstones as environmentally-friendly as possible, we’ve found that making a profit and being more sustainable are compatible as well as increasing customer satisfaction with our products. Verdant Future helps businesses to reduce costs, reduce their green footprint, and support local communities all at the same time.”

Any business or NGO interested in working with Verdant Future should contact Jeremy Hand, 07866-434656 or info@verdant-future.coop

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