11 Aug 2014

Gloucestershire Young Greens

By Sahaya James

Exciting news from GYG - we have a new shiny site and a number of events coming up, all of which we need your help to make into a success! This new GYG page lists all upcoming events. It would be great to see you all there!

GYG's needs volunteers for all its other upcoming events (in Gloucester TBA, Cheltenham TBA and Uni Glos Park Campus Freshers Fair Fri 18 September). More info on these events will be coming nearer the time, but if you would like to help please be in touch.

In other equally exciting news - the newly formed SW Regional Young Greens group will be launching with a fantastic outdoor event on Saturday 30th August in Bristol (poster on the left). If you are on Facebook, please do check out our event.

For more info on SWYG -

Please do try and come, the launch is really shaping up brilliantly and with Molly Cato only recently becoming the first ever SW Green MEP and the likelihood of a Green MP for Bristol West, Darren Hall, these really are exciting times to be a Green in the SW. We would really love to see you there :-)

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