13 Aug 2014

Coastal Stroud

Regular Ruscombe Green cartoonist, Russ, created this image for us, along with the accompanying words. It's a sobering view, but if efforts are made now, it may not come to this. We can cut CO2 emissions if we put our minds to it, but we have to resist fracking, and be willing to change our lifestyles. We can have a good quality of life without trashing the planet, we just need to stop imagining that 'quality' is the same as 'money'.

Image by Russ
It says 5000 years.......wonder how Stroud fairs. I think where I am is about 50meters above sea level..."Melting all of it would cause the sea level to rise by a minimum of 216 feet (66m)"........just had an idea.....article says sea level rise of at least 66meters....when all ice gone.....just checked on this elevation map, and the Penny Farthing Cafe on the highstreet is about at that elevation....I think it would be good to have some sort of plaque..


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