5 Jul 2014


What is it?
A hub, for information in Stroud. At present, mainly a really easy way to get an overview of upcoming events around the Stroud District - but we've got big plans for the future too.
Any time you can access the internet - you can view hubStroud on your smartphone or tablet as well as from a desktop or laptop computer.

Why not check it on Sunday night or Monday morning to see what is happening in the week ahead or on Friday afternoon to see what's happening over the weekend? Or you could make the site your homepage so you'll be reminded of what's happening in Stroud every time you log onto the internet?
Transition Stroud is all about using the power of strong local communities to develop practical responses to climate change and resource depletion.

Transition Stroud is hoping hubStroud will become the website people use to find out what is happening in the local area, and can become a hub to connect communities and help us to share information and resources.

If you're organising a workshop, exhibition, gig, film screening or - well - anything in the Stroud District - get in touch about listing it on the site via hubstroud@gmail.com, or by sending a tweet to @hubstroud (if you're on twitter, follow us for regular reminders about upcoming events and to help share local information. If you're not on twitter, but are interested in using it, or have only just started using it, we can offer introductory training).

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