20 Jun 2014

Updates on the Green blackout

c. Martin O'Beirne
After the BBC persistently ignored the Green Party during 2014 elections, a 38 Degrees petition  collected nearly 50,000 signatures of protest.

What happened when members of the public went to hand that in? Details and photos are available on Martin O’Beirne’s blog.

In this post, Martin also considers the right wing bias at the BBC

However, the plot thickens. The Telegraph reports on the possibility that the Tories will scrap the license fee. Of course when governments can grant or deny funding, it’s hard for any organisation to be politically neutral. The people who might normally be expected to speak up for the BBC – the left wingers – are none too happy with Green treatment and for that matter how Labour have been represented lately. The BBC represented their increase in council seats as a failure, after all. The decision to give UKIP but not the Greens airtime as a ‘main party’ came from OFCOM. Who made that decision, and why? We don’t know.

Control of the media has always been a political issue. We should be wondering hard about who has been pulling the strings.

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