23 Jun 2014

How we spend your money

All too often ‘politics’ implies ‘gravy train’. Scandals over MPs expenses, inappropriate donations... it can all get very sleazy. So, what happens when you donate to the Green Party?

What this photo shows is our ‘glamorous’,  post-election party, stood on the side of the road.  It was rather good fun and got us some much needed media attention. It’s also about typical of how we do things – cheap, cheerful, getting the maximum use out of the resources at our disposal. It’s intrinsically Green, really – avoiding waste and excess, thinking about efficiency and best use, putting results for the many ahead of indulgence for the few. We don’t have a physical office, locally. No one gets a limo. Many of the people in that photo turned up on foot, having spent the pre-election weeks giving extraordinary amounts of time and energy in order to get Molly and our councillors elected.

On the Main Green Party website, there’s the following -  

£ 5.00 will pay for 100 direct mail leaflets to be sent in target regions

£ 10.00 will part fund a social media campaign

£ 20.00 will pay for 10 placard boards for our protests

£ 30.00 will pay for 1 billboard for a week with our message

£ 50.00 will pay for a well targeted press release£ 100.00 will pay for 50 volunteers to be coordinated in a door knocking campaign

We depend on these small donations, and with them are able to get a great deal done. This is very much the kind of thing we spend your money on – fliers, adverts, raising Green issues in public spaces.  No gravy trains, no dodgy expense claims, no duck houses...

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