8 Jun 2014

Getting ready for 2015

With the enormity of the 2014 elections behind us, it would be really tempting to just sit back, draw breath, celebrate having got Molly Scott Cato into Europe, and relax.

However, 2015 is an election year, and locally there will be more elections for Stroud District Council. Greens have a lot of work to do between here and the next big vote, not least in getting non-voters inspired to engage with democracy. We need to get our alternative vision on the table so that people know there is something to debate, there are choices to make and their vote really can make a difference. When it all looks remarkably similar - as is true of the main parties right now - it's easy to see why voting for one or the other hardly seems worth the effort to far too many people. That's a huge failure on the part of mainstream politics. We should not be afraid to offer different visions rather than squabbling over an imaginary mid-ground and being far too led by corporate preferences.

If you're ready to make a start on the next round, you might be ambitious and thinking about standing for the General Election. If you want to make a smaller gesture - but a very valuable one, you can help the Party raise its profile through social media.

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