8 May 2014

Green candidates

There are 18 Stroud District council seats being contested on the 22nd of May, and we have candidates in all the seats. Not all wards are being contested, so to see if your ward is and who might represent you, hop over here – http://stroud.greenparty.org.uk/elections/

When you’re looking at candidates for your ward, it’s easy not to get a sense of the party as a whole, so I just wanted to share something of the breadth of experience we have between the Green candidates. The Green Party is diverse, coming from all kinds of backgrounds with a good mix of age, gender, affluence and life experience, different educational backgrounds, different lifestyles.

Amongst our candidates we have working experience as a lecturer, teachers, landscape gardener, Bikeability cycle instructor, journalism, trades unions, lawyer, experience in medical aid work overseas, sports development, fundraiser, social work, field ecology, charity work and in renewable energy development, parish councillors, organic farming, information technology, running art galleries, homeopathy, political research, a broad spectrum of small business experience, town councillor, research fellow, environment agency. Many of those areas of work have obvious connections to being Green, many require you to be independent, self-motivated and passionate about what you do. Green candidates bring high levels of dedication.

Then we can look at the hobbies and wider interests, where we have a number of keen cyclists and walkers, members of Cotswold Canal Trust and Transition Stroud, supporters of Stroud Against the Cuts, Glosvain campaigners against the incinerator, NHS campaigners, Farmer’s market supporters, a community stores founder, PTA supporters, cricket coach, chorister, Community Orchards interests, Stroud Valleys Car Club, gardeners, participants in Edible Open Gardens and Eco Open Homes, protecting Greenfield sites, local history enthusiasts, and allotments gardeners. Again, there are obvious Green issues at work here, along with a passion for community, and a great deal of investment in the life of Stroud District.

An inspiring set of credentials.

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