1 May 2014

20mph - survey shows nearly 8 out of 10 want it!

Philip writes:

As many will know I have campaigned for years on the issue of slowing traffic. I am delighted that Jonathan Edmunds, the Green Party candidate for the ward (pictured left with me) is also passionate about this issue - indeed so are his children who have designed a poster (see below) to try and encourage cars to slow down.

Anyway this week I have written to the County in support of their work to implement the 20 mph and consideration of further signage - a big problem has been many not seeing the signs or somehow thinking it is not a real 20mph zone!

It is great to have heard many positive comments about the 20 mph while out canvassing - although there are clearly still concerns about some drivers. We do need to continue work to slow traffic - Jonathan is already looking at what can be done.

It was also great to see the recent survey by Brake and Allianz Insurance showing almost eight in every 10 Brits agree that the 30mph limit should be cut to 20mph in town centres and on residential streets. See: http://www.confused.com/car-insurance/articles/80-per-cent-of-public-back-20mph-speed-limits

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