25 Apr 2014

Events in Stroud

c. Dom Thomas
Edible Landscape #1 - Exotics and Natives an Urban forage

We will be starting on Sunday 27th April with an Urban-edge forage in and around the lesser-known footpaths and back lanes of Stroud. As well as seeking out the wild in the domesticated, we will be discovering some of the overlooked edibles of our local parks and gardens.

Time:, starting at 10.30 am .Walks last approx. 2 hours
Meeting at: Park Gardens, bottom of Slad road
Cost: What ever is reasonable 

Numbers are limited so booking essential. Book on the website below or drop us a line

Dom Thomas
Edible Landscape – Wild Food and Sustainable Resources

01453 767896


Stroud Eco-Renovation Open Homes
We will again be presenting our Open Homes weekend, this year on the Bank Holiday weekend of May 3rd and 4th, 2014. There will be lots of Eco-renovation to see and yo u will get a chance to talk to the home owners about what they have had done, who did it, what difference it has made. Some of the homes will have small workshops for you to pick up more information. We will also have an Installers Fair in the Stroud Sub Rooms on Saturday 26th April where you will be able to talk to lots of different installers about what is on offer locally.

FRIDAY MAY 9th Launching Jay Ramsay’s first large collection of new poetry for some years, here in Stroud at the Black Book cafe, top of the High St, at 7.30 for 8pm start. £10 on the door includes a free copy.

The book, which is 224pp, attempts to tell the transitional story of our time...also as an invitation to poetry to face what is happening in our time. It is an invitation for us all to find our greatness and courage, and not hide in being less than who we are. It is also about memory (and history), and what needs to be remembered in our soul's journey of awakening. There will be music too, and some special guests.

Thursday 22nd May Local and European Elections. Molly Scott Cato is your Green candidate for Europe and everywhere a District Council seat is being contested, you have the option of voting Green.

Need a postal application? Go here

Want to know where there are seats being contested? Willing to consider being a Parish councillor? Have a look at this page. http://www.stroud.gov.uk/docs/democ/elections.asp#s=sectioncontent10&p=notices,forthcoming

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