8 Apr 2014

Access Bike!

This is a press release from Creative Sustainability, which we’re sharing because we think this work is really important. Cycling is good for health, independence, sustainability, and being able to engage socially. It’s about re-use, and opportunities for younger people, who have seen services aimed at them cut back to a shocking degree around the country.
Press release:
In 2012 Access Bike gave 50 young people around Stroud district a reconditioned bike, helmet and a lock for £20. With help from Creative Sustainability and bike shops Noah's and Cytek, Access Bike is doing it again in 2014.
Owning a bike means that young people can join in cycling related social, sport and community activities, giving them more independence to get to school and after school activities, increased social and recreational confidence and helping towards participation in activities such as cycling clubs and competitions. The project is focusing on young people who couldn't otherwise afford a bike and aims to work with Archway, Thomas Keble, Shrubberies, St. Rose's and Maidenhill Schools, plus The Door and Open House, to match bikes to young people who need one.
Elizabeth Bailey, aged 19 is the new project manager. She says "For some of these kids owning a bike would mean so much. It's easy to forget how, for many, a good bike is simply out of reach, particularly these days. I've always had a bike and it's given me the freedom to take part in things I could never have got to do without one." Elizabeth is working with the bike shops to find the right bikes for students and is looking for more bikes to be reconditioned.
Anna Bonallack, Director of Creative Sustainability says "I love this project, there is so much good that comes out of it for young people, including training for a group to become road safety and cycle maintenance trainers themselves so that they can do workshops with younger people. We also want to work with schools on a local cycling plan to help their students cycle safely to school -  let us know if you or your organisation can sponsor the project or lend expertise."
If you have a bike you don't use get in touch with Creative Sustainability. All bikes will be reconditioned by experts at Cytek, Tarmac and Trail and Noah's Ark, but the better nick they are in the more bikes they can get through. Call Elizabeth and Anna if you have a bike to donate and about the wider project -  01452 770177 or email anna@cscic.org 

For more information about Creative Sustainability CIC  visit our website www.cscic.org

CSCIC is a not for profit community interest company.

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