10 Mar 2014

Introducing Jonathan Edmunds

Jonathan Edmunds
photo copyright Gary Learmonth
Jonathan Edmunds is out new candidate for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe. Here he is, in his own words...

When I moved to Stroud 12 years ago, I was drawn by the beauty of the area, but also the sense of community and the inspiring, imaginative and creative people that lived here. I fell in love with the area and I finally found home. As time has moved on and my family and I have become established in the area this love has been heightened! 

This is a community worth fighting for! I am passionate about improving people’s lives, protecting our natural environment and local services and giving people the tools to be the best citizens they can be. My day job as a sports development officer involves developing sustainable pathways to get people active. We use sport and physical activity as a vehicle to tackle wider social issues such as obesity, mental health rehabilitation, crime prevention, protecting the environment, integration of local communities, building self esteem in vulnerable communities and nurturing the character and skills that will help young people to get on and succeed in life. Community is about people and I like to look for the potential in people.

As candidate for Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe, I will do everything I can to build on the great work conducted by Philip and other councillors. I will listen and engage with local people, community groups and the party to formalise an agenda of work, but am particularly keen to:
1)      Continue defending green field sites like the Ruscombe Valleys from unwanted development and helping to enforce the Local Plan which the party has been instrumental in shaping.
2)      Work to change the culture of driving, supporting the 20 mph limit in the ward to encourage more walkers and cyclists.
3)      Work with other partners to find a solution for the use of St Pauls Church in Whiteshill.
4)      Encourage children and adults to be more connected to nature.
5)      Continue the fight to end fuel poverty by building on Green gains to obtain funding for energy efficiency and encouraging use of renewable energy technologies e.g promoting Stroud Target 2050 Loan Scheme
6)      Encourage more people to recycle/food waste. Look at ways to encourage the 1/5 of the Stroud population who don’t recycle
7)      Encourage employers to pay a living wage. I know too many people working 2 or3 jobs to get by. Work-Life Balance is important.
8)      Follow Caroline Lucas lead in an attempt to  adopt a more compassionate drugs policy.
9)      Help protect local Services such as pubs/village shops
10)  Promote local food production and community orchards.

I feel there has never been a better time to be part of the Green Party Movement, whether it is protecting the environment from climate change or fighting other increasing social injustices being inflicted from central government.

After all : “Fair is worth fighting for!”

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