25 Feb 2014

World Development Movement in Stroud

In February 2014, Nick Dearden, Director of the World Development Movement came to Stroud to give a talk, alongside Molly Scott Cato.

WDM is a group campaigning against the root causes of poverty and inequality. This is a democratically-governed movement made up of local campaign groups based in towns and cities around the UK. The World Development Movement campaigns in ways that challenge the powerful and seek to bring about economic justice for the world’s poor majority.  For more information, visit http://www.wdm.org.uk

Dr Molly Scott Cato is Green EU candidate for the Southwest. Molly has long been challenging inequality and highlighting the innate unfairness in capitalist systems. These articles – Defending the poor - and Green Welfare - will give you a sense of Molly’s vision for a fairer world.

More local films like this on www.stroudcommunity.tv

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