12 Feb 2014

Self-Management courses for People with Long Term Health Conditions

Philip Booth writes: I'm just back from a meeting of the Project Board looking at the future of Stroud's Sheltered Accommodation...have had a fair few meetings of late and not managed to keep this blog so up-to-date.....although regular readers will see that Nimue Brown is populating it wonderfully with Green views.....

Anyway this blog is to advertise the courses for people with chronic illnesses - click on poster to enlarge - I have no idea how they are going now but was part of the first people to deliver the courses in this country. They were excellent as it was people who experienced chronic illnesses who were delivering the courses.....too often we miss the voice of the patient who is after all usually the expert in their condition.

You can see my blog from 2007 here: http://ruscombegreen.blogspot.co.uk/2007/04/self-management-courses-for-people.html


Michelle B said...

I've been on the self management course you've written about, the course and the tutor Kay are awesome, and it's a life-changing experience. If you've got any doubts about it just give it a go, you're bound to find something useful in the six weeks training it involves.

Philip Booth said...

Thanks for comment/sharing - yes my experience of course was very positive - and participants wrote to me afterwards sharing stories of how lives had changed - great to hear it is still supporting people.