27 Jan 2014

Plans For new Nuclear Development at Oldbury

This is a press release from STAND which we are sharing because the Green Party does not believe reliance on nuclear power to be the way forwards.

Artist's impression of proposed nuclear power station at Oldbury (based on plans published by Horizon

Plans For new Nuclear Development at Oldbury will have appalling impact on local area say local groups.

Stroud directly downwind from massive new nuclear plant.

DJs Stroud Calling and the Blue Moon Collective to hold benefit roadshow in support of campaign group on Saturday 1st February.

A roadshow organised by STAND (Severnside Together Against Nuclear Development) will be held at The Market Tavern, Union Street, Stroud, on Saturday, 1st February at 7.30. STAND say they will produce evidence that a proposed nuclear power plant to be built at Oldbury on Severn is unnecessary, unsafe, dangerous to health and a hugely expensive method of producing electricity; and that a leading international statistician and epidemiologist has calculated that there is a one in 300 chance of a serious Fukushima type accident at the nuclear power station.

There will also be a talk from Dennis Hayden, a nuclear test veteran, about the dangers to health from routine low-level radiation releases from nuclear power stations

The audience can ask questions and voice their opinions on a proposal which, STAND claim, could have enormous implications for the whole area.

After the talk there will be music from DJs Stroud Calling and the Blue Moon Collective. There is no charge for admission.

Hitachi, probably best known in this country for its televisions, has joined forces with Horizon to produce a huge new nuclear power plant at Oldbury on Severn. They plan to build 3 or 4 huge new reactors next to the old power station which will produce 8 times the electricity of the old station.

The new nuclear plants will be just a few miles as the crow flies from Stroud, which is well within the evacuation zone imposed after the Fukushima disaster and directly downwind from the prevailing south westerlies. They will be using the new Advanced Boiling Water Reactors which have been approved in the USA but not yet in any other country. The advantage of this type of reactor is that they can be built quickly.

Given the ongoing environmental disaster at Fukushima, Japan, some local environmentalists are concerned about the safety of any Nuclear development here in the UK. But with this particular proposal there are extra concerns.

Barbara French of Severnside Together Against Nuclear Development (STAND) claims that it is utter folly to consider building a new nuclear station on the site.

"With rising sea levels, and the history of a tsunami and a sea surge of 3 meters above normal high tide up the Severn, it is madness to be building on that site" she said. "It can only be a matter of time before it suffers a catastrophic flood, one way or another. Should there be a serious accident, the experience of Chernobyl in the Ukraine, and more recently Fukishima in Japan, shows that not only Stroud but Gloucester, Bristol and surrounding areas would be uninhabitable, perhaps for ever. And, unlike in Japan, there appear to be no plans at all to protect the local population should there be an accident. "

Another concern is the size of the development. "They say that plans produced by Horizon show the intended reactor size will be 4 times the size of the present reactor building", said Barbara French, "and on top of that, the three or four cooling towers will be absolutely enormous and an eyesore. According to Horizon’s own report it will even be visible from Stroud and surrounding areas". [See artist's impression based on Horizons own plans]

For a local Green Party report on nuclear power, have a look here.

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