6 Jan 2014


Saturday 11th January 8-11pm, join us for the Green Party Ceildh  at the Trinity Rooms, Field Road, Stroud -opposite to the Maternity Hospital 
The band for the evening will be "Caractacus". There will be a licensed bar with local ale and snacks. Bring the family!  Hope to see you there! Tickets £7.50/£9 from Caroline 01453 884092
In case you were wondering... a celidh is pretty much the same thing as a barn dance. If you've never done either, and are still wondering, the key things to know are:
1) No previous experience is required. Someone will stand at the front explaining the dances as you go, so there's no requirement to know what you're doing. This also makes it very easy.
2) Nothing terribly complicated will be asked of you, it will be simple enough and does not involve weird and alarming folk customs (usually). More like the Archers, less like The Wicker Man.
3) If you don't have someone to bring to dance with, this is not usually a problem, you'll find people.
4) It is entirely possible to make use of the bar and still be able to celidh. This is country dancing. It was pretty much designed with an awareness that people would probably have been to the bar.

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