20 Oct 2013

Survey in Stroud and Cainscross areas: calling 12 to 19 year olds

Stratford Park
I've just heard from the Youth Forums in the Stroud Town Council and Cainscross Parish Council areas. They have an information / briefing event on the evening of October 24th, largely aimed at young people, which will be held at Maypole Village Hall, Paganhill.

They are hoping to attract a range of young people from the two Council areas - the focus will be on young people, their views and voices, but ensuring that there will be opportunity for those 'community champions' present to discuss and share both as a group and with the young people.

See more at:   http://www.youthmatters.net/forum/forum.html

Please share the link as widely as possible with young people. Please also complete the 'Really Simple Survey' on the site especially if you are a 12-19 year old in the area; whilst it only gives what they describe as a 'quick and dirty' picture, it should provide a valuable discussion base and give an early focus on 'live' issues.

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