23 Oct 2013

Stroud for Europe?

Below is a letter Molly Scott Cato sent to Stroud News and Journal recently.


Dear Editor,
In Stroud News and Journal on the 7th October, Neil Carmichael is quoted as saying, “I do not think we should be holding a referendum before the general election.”

While the Conservatives seem reluctant to enact their promise of a referendum, Labour's Ed Miliband remains oddly quiet on this issue. If he and his party wish us to stay in the EU then they should have the courage to say so.

The Green Party's position is one of heartfelt support for the European Union and the protection it offers to working people and our environment. We support a referendum which would give us a chance to have an open debate about the costs and benefits of our membership. We also say "yes" to the need for significant reform of the European institutions, and particularly the need to strengthen the role of the Parliament.

Molly Scott Cato
Green Councillor and MEP candidate

If you would like to know more about Green policy regarding Europe, and our policies about both staying in and making meaningful reforms, have a look here - http://www.greenparty.org.uk/news/2013/01/23/natalie-bennett-unveils-our-three-yeses-to-europe/

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