18 Oct 2013

October Events

There's so much going on over the next few days. If you know of something good I've missed, please add it to the comments or drop me a line.

Friday October 18th in The Old Town Hall in the Shambles 7pm The meeting will be about the harmful effects of Mobile and Cordless Phones and Smart Meter Radiation.

From 7.00 pm until 8.15 pm groups will share information and action on:  Protecting our children from Wi-Fi in Schools. Protecting our family health and homes. Impact on bees, birds and our food. Campaigning to lower mobile mast radiation to align with the EU and stop smart meters.

At 8.15 pm there will be a talk by Dr. Andrew Tresidder on The Dangers and Symptoms of Microwave Radiation.

For more information phone 01453 840175 or 01453 752751.

Sunday 20th October. Time: 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Venue: Lockkeepers Cafe, Walbridge, Stroud.
Cost: Just buy a cup of coffee!

Fix It For Free run by Transition Stroud.
This is a different kind of workshop. Based on the Café Repair Movement in Holland, the aim is to fix or repair any garment, electrical or mechanical device you can get to the café. Hosted by Debbie James of the 2ii’s Café there will be engineers and sewing/machining experts from Transition Stroud to try to fix whatever you bring. You get it fixed (hopefully) - and for free, the planet benefits as you don’t have to buy a new one - and we all have a relaxing time over a coffee at your local café.
To book a place: e-mail
Erik or phone 07725 900666. 

Monday 21st October 3pm – 6pm Family Apple Afternoon in Cam – free, run by Stroud Five Valleys Project.

A fun after school activity - all ages welcome. Juice some apples and have a free drink of apple juice from the trees in the orchard. You will also get to hear about what has been happening at this important local site. There will be a treasure hunt so if you want to take part – please bring 50p to enter. There will also be some other games which will cost only 20p for three goes – pocket money fun.

The orchard can be found between Willow Close, Maple Close and Bramble Drive, Cam which is just of the A4135 (Kingshill Road).

25th October  'An Evening with Dementia' A play written and performed by Trevor T. Smith at 8.00 pm at the Cotswold Playhouse. Discover the highs and lows of living with dementia - from the sufferers point of view. This play gives a portrait of an ageing actor living in a care home who 'accepts' rather than 'suffers' from his condition. The wryly intelligent text allows the audience to empathise with the state of being called dementia. When it was played in London Trevor T. Smith was nominated as the Best Male Performance in the The Off West End Theatre Awards and the British Medical Journal stated, "The play enlightens, inspires and, most importantly, teaches what the individual with advanced dementia might want others to understand if he could be the teacher." The Daily Express called it, "A love-letter to a life well-lived.....Insightful and undercut with a surprisingly upbeat sense of humour"

Tickets £10 For more information visit www.cotswoldplayhouse.co.uk 

Sunday 27th October – Stratford Park, Stroud - free Pumpkins and Apples in the Park – run by Stroud Five Valleys Project

Another opportunity to try apple pressing to make your own juice. There will be workshops from 11-12.30pm and between 2-3pm. Apple cake and warm apple juice will also be on sale.

Join the Pumpkin Lantern Trail. Get busy at home carving your home grown pumpkins – there will be carving). Entries should be dropped off in the museum courtyard no later than 3.30pm on Sunday 27th October. From 5.30 the twilight Pumpkin Lantern Trail starts and this is when judging will take place. Good luck everyone.

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