14 Sep 2013

Stroud Against Supermarket Saturation

Stroud Against Supermarket Saturation formed in July 2013 to protest against the proposal to build two new supermarkets in Stroud. You can find them on twitter - https://twitter.com/sasscampaign their website is here - http://sasscampaign.wordpress.com/


The proposed new Asda site is in part derelict, which would suggest that appropriate redevelopment would be a good idea. What does Stroud actually need? We already have a number of supermarkets. Yes, Asda will create new jobs, but it will undoubtedly cost jobs in other places. Many of the new jobs will be low paid and part time, which is not a great asset to the town. Edge of town stores with big car parks encourage people to drive, and to stay out of the town centre. Neither of these are things the Green Party feels are in Stroud’s interests. We have enough traffic flow problems as it is, especially at peak times. We have a town centre that needs our support, not further competition. We need good jobs that pay a living wage and offer opportunities for full time work, so that local people can thrive. A new supermarket would not seem to answer those needs.


If you object to the idea of new supermarkets in Stroud, you can sign the petition here -


Then there is the issue of Asda itself. Asda is part of Wal-mart. If you take any interest in international issues (and I bet you do if you’re reading this) you probably have some idea already that Wal-mart does not have a great reputation. If you’d like to know more about Wal-mart/Asda there is a free film showing on Sunday the 15th September, 7.30pm in Landsdown Hall. This is part of Transition Stroud’s bi-monthly film screenings, and there will be a debate afterwards. Stroud Against Supermarket Saturation and Stroud Community TV are also involved.


 (This is not an event organised by the Green Party. We are always glad to support local community projects, to encourage debate and political engagement and the like. If you have an event, campaign or activity that we could helpfully support, do get in touch by emailing brynnethnimue@gmail.com)

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