8 Sep 2013

Greens and the NHS

If you were wondering what the Green relationship with the NHS looks like, this will give you a fair idea.

Last year, the eminent obstetrician Wendy Savage, spoke at a "Stroud Against The Cuts" meeting in support of "Keep Our NHS Public".

At the 'Brighton People's Assembly Undercover' event on Sept 6th, she said this about the Green Party in her speech: "The only party supporting the NHS is the Green Party and they have the best health policy."

101 out of 166 hospital trusts which responded to a BBC 5 live Freedom of Information request had 1,260 vacant A&E posts, leaving them understaffed on average by nearly 10%.

Jennie Fecitt, lead nurse of campaign group Patients First, and an A&E nurse for 25 years, said this level of vacancies would have a "significant impact" on the safety and wellbeing of patients.

As with so many cuts, Labour make no commitment to reversing those imposed on the Health Service.

Health and the NHS - Green Party Policy Summary

The Green Party believes that compassion and illness prevention must underpin our healthcare system. Through supporting healthier eating, exercise and access to nature and by reducing pollution and social inequalities, a Green government will support mental wellbeing while minimising healthcare needs and costs. We will maintain a publicly funded, publicly provided and decentralised health service, while abolishing prescription charges and reintroducing free eye tests and NHS dental treatment for all. We will implement the Scottish system of free social care for elderly people.'

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Philip. On 29th this month there will be an NHS demo at the Conservative conference in Manchester. If anyone wishes to join us on a Stroud coach, please email hannahfootlady at hot mail dot co dot uk.