22 Sep 2013

Free talk on the nuclear future of Gloucestershire

The Green Party is sponsoring a talk on Thursday the 26th of September: Waste Not, Want Not - the Future of Radioactive Waste and Nuclear Safety in Gloucestershire.  Nuclear engineer John Large will talk about radioactive waste and the threats to Gloucestershire.

According to http://www.horizonnuclearpower.com/oldburyThe 420 acres (170 hectares) of land next to a former nuclear power station at Oldbury is included on the Government's list of sites that have been deemed potentially suitable for new nuclear development.” There is a planning process before building can take place, and it will take years. “Potentially suitable” is not a done deal.

There are questions we should all be asking about our future. How will the planned Oldbury Nuclear Power Station affect us? Where and how would the waste be stored? What would happen in a containment failure?

John Large will talk about the proposed new nuclear power station at Oldbury and the radioactive waste it will generate. The fully illustrated presentation will consider the options for dealing with the existing and future radioactive waste at Oldbury, how the quantity and dispersion of this waste might be enormously increased and spread in the event of an accident.
John Large is an independent nuclear engineer and analyst, known primarily for his work reporting on nuclear safety and nuclear-related accidents and incidents. He has undertaken research for the UK Atomic Energy Authority and produced reports for Greenpeace Germany, Greenpeace France and Friends of the Earth.  In 2011, he gave evidence to the European Parliament, challenging the arguably inadequate proposals to review the European Community’s nuclear safety requirements following the Fukushima disaster.

Waste Not, Want Not - the Future of Radioactive Waste and Nuclear Safety in Gloucestershire, takes place on the 26th of September, 7.30pm, Old Town Hall, The Shambles, High St, Stroud GL5 1AP, Free admission to this informative event. Teas, coffees and cakes to cover costs.

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