20 Sep 2013

Addicted to plastic

I read online a while ago about a guy who attempted to live plastic free. It turned out to be very hard to do. Conscious of the plastic under my fingers as I type, how much scope do we have for not using plastic in the first place? It is present in so many things we buy and use. It’s very hard to buy anything from a supermarket without a lot of plastic packaging as well. How much avoidable, disposable plastic enters our lives every day? How much do we pick up just to throw away and what does that really cost?

This is a blog post with a theme tune, an anthem if you will, provided by Talis Kimberly and band. Please do play it as you read it and ponder the issues.

Everything about normal plastics, from the petrochemicals we make them from, to their widespread nuisance factor as litter and the trouble we have disposing of them, is a problem. Worst by far are the plastic items designed to be used once and thrown away. That’s just not a clever use of resources. The disposable spoons and free shopping bags are very hard to justify. Could we get rid of them?

Could we make Stroud plastic bag free?

What could we do, as individuals and as a community, to cut down on unnecessary plastic?

What would help you make changes in your plastic use? Or, have you got tips for how other people can reduce plastic dependence?

Do you need more information?

Please pile into the comments section and share your thoughts. This is not about talking for the sake of it, this is about getting real changes in Stroud, and hopefully beyond.


Anonymous said...

personally, I put a lot of the plastic that I need to get rid of, for recycling.

Philip Booth said...

Great song - and good to hear Stroud Town Council on BBC Glos today talking about STOP - Stroud Town opposed to Plastic bags - or something like that - anyway they are relaunching the campaign.