18 Jul 2013

Update on new recycling scheme

Simon Pickering
Here's the press release from the District Council:

The new recycling scheme introduced by Stroud District Council just one year ago to increase recycling is proving to be a great success. Councillor Simon Pickering, chair of Stroud District Council's environment committee, said: 'The introduction of wheelie-bins to allow us to collect more recycling was a major change. We would like to thank all our residents who have overwhelmingly embraced the new scheme. Their dedication means that 200 more tonnes of waste is now recycled each month and the equivalent of five fewer bin lorries of waste is sent to landfill each week.'

Since the new scheme came in, recycling has increased from 700 tonnes a month to 900 tonnes with the amount of waste going to landfill dropping by 200 tonnes a month.

Councillor Pickering added; 'The real story is actually much better than these figures suggest as the new materials which can be recycled such as cardboard, drinks cartons and plastic food packaging are much lighter than cans, bottles and newspaper which were already recycled, so in terms of volume, the increase in recycling is huge.'

In addition to the environmental gains, the reduction in waste being dumped in landfill has saved the district's tax payers over ?170,000 in landfill taxes already.

Councillor Pickering added: 'We're delighted with the progress so far and hope that this success will encourage our residents by highlighting that their efforts really are worthwhile. Get your friends, neighbours and relatives to join the fight against waste and do what they can to recycle more. It really does make a big difference.'

In July 2012 Stroud District Council improved its household recycling service by providing wheelie-bins and recycling bins to collect a wider range of household recyclables. Plastic packaging, glass bottles and jars, aluminium and steel, cans, tins, aerosols and household non-rechargeable batteries are now collected in these, whilst kerbside recycling boxes, which residents have had for several years, are used to collect paper, cardboard and food and drink cartons.

Further information is available at www.stroud.gov.uk/recycling

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