18 Jun 2013

TV licences?

Someone sent me this; sadly don't know original source.
Philip Booth writes:

Some 3,000 people were caught out in Gloucestershire last year not having a TV license; almost 500 of those people lived in Cheltenham and 800 in Gloucester. As a Director of the new online Stroud Community TV I got asked to comment - here's what I said - although sadly the bit re how it should be funded got missed:

“There is a big question about the value of some of the BBC's output, but equally their public service content is vital. The BBC should be more about the production and promotion of non ratings-led programming. Much is changing in the world of media with increasing online content. We need a review about how all our media is owned and operated. Our papers and TV channels are concentrated in the hands of too few with too much influence.

"Greens would argue that public funding for the BBC should remain but should be separated more clearly from direct Government interference. The existing licence fee should be abolished and made fairer in the first instance by replacing it with a guaranteed inflation linked payment from general taxation. We would want to see significant local production and distribution of content reflecting local communities. There is a key role of media to promote participation over passive consumption - a role Stroud Community TV is seeking to develop by encouraging people to share their YouTube's about Stroud in one place".

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