7 Jun 2013

Neil Carmichael's green credentials left in tatters

Greens in Stroud have claimed that local MP Neil Carmichael's claim to understand and be concerned about climate change is in tatters following his failure to back an amendment by fellow Conservative Tim Yeo to set tough renewable energy targets for 2030. Green District Councillor Martin Whiteside has responded saying:

I phoned Neil Carmichael's office before the vote in parliament urging him to do the right thing for the sake of our children and children's children. I believe many other people from Stroud also contacted him on this matter. He should be ashamed himself for putting his short term political interests ahead of his principles. We don't want an MP representing us who fails to understand the importance of the climate change threat and refuses to take such a practical step to address it.

Tim Yeo, MP stated in the Commons that a target would not add a "single penny" to energy bills for the next seven years and delaying the decision would create uncertainty about the government's intentions. If we are trying to encourage other countries, many much poorer than ourselves, to cut their carbon emissions, then we must lead the way and be seen to be leading the way. This failure by the very 'un-green' coalition will make my international work more difficult.

For more information see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22764955

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