15 May 2013

WEEE in Cainscross

A ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment’ or ‘WEEE’ bank will be sited at Cainscross within the next two to three weeks. Details of the types of the items that can be accepted at these banks can be found on the Council's website www.stroud.gov.uk/recycling but examples would include hair dryers, electric toys, electric kitchen appliances, remote controls, toasters, kettles and irons. 

The banks will be emptied every 2 weeks by Computer Salvage Solutions (CSS), who will also be fully responsible for the maintenance of the banks at no extra cost to the Council. The WEEE collected from the banks will be recycled by CSS at their facility in Newbury. The items will be shredded to recover precious raw materials which are usually exported to Europe or Asia where they are used to manufacture new products. This scheme will be run alongside the council’s free bulky collection service; WEEE items collected through this service will also be recycled.

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