3 May 2013

Congrats Sarah Lunnon on re-election

Green Leader and Sarah in Stroud - see new film of highlights
Well done to Sarah for winning Stroud Central - with a bigger majority - but disappoiniting to come second in Tory strongholds of Painswick and Minch - had hoped for a breakthrough there - also hugely concerned by rise of UKIP - one Twitter comment on the national reporting says alot: "Dear @BBC, congratulations on the recent success of your pro-UKIP campaign. Yours, license fee payers."

See my 5 min film of the 11 results being announced for Stroud area plus links to the figures: http://stroudcommunity.tv/election-results-stroud-2nd-may-2013/

Turnout for the election was 31.8%, down from 40% - and we should not forget that boundaries have changed since the last election in 2009 and the total number of seats on the council has decreased from 63 to 53. Locally we are in third place about the Lib Dems...here are the rough calculations:

Party Totals & %ages


Party contested 10 divs 10 GP cand'ss
Con 10 10466 32.65
Lab 10 9106 28.41
Lib Dem 10 2994 9.34
Green 10 6340 19.78
UKIP 5 2839 8.86
Other 2 311 0.97

, "After eight years in power on their own, the Conservatives will now have to consider trying to form partnerships to run this authority. The blue electoral map has turned to grey, but the Tories are by far the largest party. The chances of a similar coalition to that of Cameron and Clegg is unlikely in the county due to the personalities of the leaders. But the Tories are still in the driving seat. Will they offer the olive branch to the newly elected UKIP councillors? Then again, there are the three Independents who might also help the Tories get to that magic figure of 27. Or could it be that the Tories try to run the council as a minority administration and appeal to different councillors on a vote by vote basis? What is clear is that from a true blue council where votes were passed without much discussion, we now have an authority where every single vote will count."

So where does that leave the incinerator and other big issues? We will have to wait and see.....


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog but I think your figures are off - Sarah Lunnon's majority is down from over 600 to a little under 500, in a substantially larger ward. Greens are certainly third party in Stroud District, but haven't really made progress on 2009 - vote share up just 0.3% vs Labour, whose vote share is up 11% on 2009. Performance in Nailsworth must surely be a concern too?

Anonymous said...

Labour were in such a bad situation before that a rise would not be surprising - sadly Greens again lost out massively in national media - even BBC Glos mentioned UKIP's challenge here but not Greens....when people vote for policies they want the Greens...certainly lessons to learn....