24 Apr 2013

GlosVAIN set out next steps re incinerator...

Here is part of GlosVAIN's newsletter which carries a link to alternatives to an incinerator and County Council candidates views against the incinerator:

Warning! Burner Could Still Be Built

It's a month since the Planning Meeting, where planning permission was refused unanimously for the incinerator. It was a stunning and unexpected result, and wouldn't have happened without the dedication and support of everyone associated with the campaign.

It would be great to be able to put our feet up now and simply take pride in having averted a financial and environmental disaster. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury. Despite such an overwhelming verdict having been passed on the incinerator, incredibly, there is still the very real threat of it still going ahead. Yes - it could still be built!

We can't afford to let down our guard. The most likely outcomes we anticipate from this point on are as follows:

* UBB appeals. A Public Inquiry takes place with a Planning Inspector who then decides the outcome. GCC (and taxpayers) would be liable for costs on both sides, because they signed a contract with UBB to that effect. If the appeal is successful, the incinerator may end up being built.

* A New Plan:
GCC could ask UBB to come up with a revised plan, which could look at other approaches for dealing with our waste. This could be a great opportunity to leave the incinerator idea behind and finally have a public debate about how best to deal with Gloucestershire’s waste. See here for some ideas of alternatives.

Whatever happens, the outcome of the County Council Elections on 2nd May will be an important factor in whether or not the incinerator is ultimately built. The Planning Committee voted to throw out the planning application last month, now we have the chance to vote...

2nd May - Gloucestershire County Council Elections

The make up of the County Council after the elections on 2nd May could be a key factor that contributes to whether the incinerator is built. We are therefore asking everyone to "Think Incinerator" before voting for one of their local candidates on 2nd May.

To help with this we have published a list of all the candidates and what their stance is on the incinerator. We have had responses from the majority of candidates and are continuing to update the list all the time. Click here to see the list. You can also link to all the main parties' manifestos via the GlosVAIN website.

Alternatives to the Incinerator

Presentation, 29th April

We now have a great opportunity to consider more sustainable and cheaper alternatives to incineration, and where better to start this public debate than Minchinhampton, where the “Waste Champion” Cllr Stan Waddington is presently the elected County Councillor.

Come to a talk about incineration and the alternatives:
On:     Monday 29th April
At:      Minchinhampton Market House, Bell Lane, Minchinhampton, Stroud, GL6 9BP
From:  7pm-9pm

A Great Opportunity
Let’s now seize the chance to make Gloucestershire forward-looking, by maximising our recycling and using cheaper, greener alternatives.  In Oxfordshire, where the County Council has put in resources to boost recycling levels, recycling rates of 68% are being hit right now, compared to our 47% in Gloucestershire.

Separate collection and Anaerobic Digestion of food waste would create renewable energy and compost. Further sorting of waste in an advanced MBT plant and treating the rest in a modern facility could power thousands of homes and put an end to landfill. Come to the Talk and find out more! Hope to see you there.

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