2 Apr 2013

A novel from Glos author Simon Hacker

Gloucestershire journalist Simon Hacker has turned to fiction with a debut eco-thriller. Polar Nights is a dark comedy set in the wilds of northern Scotland - and green themes are at the heart of this edgy drama.

The story centres on an eight-foot polar bear that is delivered to Sutherland's coast by a rogue iceberg. The furry refugee quickly develops a taste for human flesh - triggering a race between a young tv reporter anxious to prove her worth and an environmentalist under pressure to 'greenwash' the government's failed environmental policies. Also on the trail though is a gun-toting aristocrat who's hell-bent on stuffing the bear and finally completing his trophy collection. As the characters converge, they soon realise wild animals may be the least they should fear.

"I researched how polars once roamed northern Scotland and the species' predicament today drew me to the idea of putting one into this unlikely setting," says Simon. "I wanted to create a page-turner that would inject dark comedy and hopefully set global warming in a fresh perspective."

The novel is available now as an ebook through Amazon, and is published by Bristol-based ThornBerry Publishing. Further information can be found at www.simonhacker.com


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