6 Feb 2013

New report shows incinerator is wrong solution

Today GlosVAIN launched an independent report that they commissioned from waste consultants Ynys Resources. It looks at the Javelin Park incinerator project and concludes that there are many weaknesses. This could have been a risk as the consultants could have said it was a good idea to have an incinerator - but infact they recommend that Gloucestershire County Council look at alternatives, because the incinerator project is inflexible, out-dated, not good value and does not meet EU law. No surprises to many of us who have been looking at this for a long time - the only surprise is why GCC still insist on going for an incinerator.

Read all about it and see the report in the ‘news’ section of the GlosVAIN website at:

You can see coverage on ITV West by Ken Goodwin:

Well done GlosVAIN! See films on Stroud Community TV about the incinerator: http://stroudcommunity.tv/tag/incinerator/

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